1. Game sheets to be turned into results table no later than 15 minutes after the completion of their game. Referees or the team’s appointed representatives are to return signed game sheets to results table for posting.

2. Standard ASA indoor rules apply to the tournament play.

3. Any disputes will be resolved by the games officials.

4. Any player receiving a red card or two yellow cards during a game cannot play the next posted game, further disciplinary action may also take place.

5. This tournament is not about results. It’s about sportsmanship and having fun with minimal sleep. That goes for the parents as well. We want everyone to have a positive experience so that you will want to come back next year.

Scoring System

We use the traditional system of 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. We also award 1 point if a team gets a shutout.

Tie breaker

Two Team tie breaker will go as follows:

1. Head To Head

2. Goals Differential

3. Goals Against

4. Penalty Kicks

Three Team tie breaker will go as follows:

1. Goals Differential

2. Goals Against

3. Goals For

Rock Around The Clock Tournament


Camrose Community Centre
4516-54 Street, Camrose, AB